Reflexology Certification

Looking for a new career?  Want to advance your current skills?

New 2018 Summer Course!

June 22 – 24, 2018  will be a new Module 1 (of 6) Summer course

Class size is very limited, so please register early!
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Why get certified?
There are a lot of “versions” of reflexology out there, and I’m often asked what the difference is between a certified reflexologist and someone offering “reflexology?”  Please read this excellent article on that very subject.  In short, according to the national testing board, ARCB, a certified reflexologist must complete a 200 hour, hands-on course.  There are many places who offer weekend continuing education classes, or a shortened version (up to 65 hours) of a “certification course,” but you can bet that someone coming out of those classes is only partially prepared to be of service to those coming for reflexology to assist them in their healing experience.  When looking for “real reflexology” a few quick questions to ask the practitioner are:
Where did he/she study?
How many hours was their course?
Was it a hands on course?

This course is designed to have you complete all those requirements, and much more!  As the public gets more educated, so should you!


East Meets West Reflexology Certification Course
Western Reflexology and TCM: The Perfect Match

A 200 hour, 6 module foot reflexology certification course.
Taught in the beautiful hills of Asheville, NC!
$2,400  (Can pay $400 before each module)
Required texts:
“Therapeutic Reflexology, A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Competence.”  Paula S. Stone, Pearson Publishing
“Reflexology and Meridian Therapy, Moving the Energy.”  Lilian Thibshraeny-Morten,  JLM Publishing

(The remaining 5 modules will be decided as a class during Module 1, ensuring everyone can attend)

There are no prerequisites for taking this course!

The following material will be covered in this 200 hour course:

Module 1 -  June 22 – 24 2018  (Friday – Sunday from 9 – 5)
Definition of reflexology

History of reflexology 
Theories of how reflexology works (zones, nervous system, energy systems, energy pathways, sensory stimulation, relaxation response, circulatory and lymphatic systems)
Reflexology maps as they are anatomically mirrored on the feet
Common foot pathologies
Thumb and finger techniques particular to reflexology
Anatomical terms related to feet
Bones, muscles, and nerves of the foot and lower leg
Guided practice time

Module 2TBA  (the remaining modules will be decided by the class, as a whole.  The course should be completed within 6 months).
Bones in feet and their actions
Bio mechanics
Business practice/ethics
Logistics of reflexology session
Intake forms/SOAPS
Documentation of sessions
Abbreviations for documentations, recommended by ARCB
Guided practice time

Module 3Dates TBA
Body systems and their locations on the feet
Emphasizing body systems within a protocol
Guided practice time

Module 4Dates TBA
Introduction to meridians and 5 elements theory
Closer look at foot pathologies and protocols
Guided practice time

Module 5Dates TBA
Closer look at 5 elements theory
Location of “well” points and “secondary” points
Meridians and key acupressure points as reflected on feet
Simple hand reflexology sequence
Guided practice time

Module 6Dates TBA
In depth look at the spine and its organ innervations by way of nerves
Introduction to dermatones and monotones
Guided practice time

Requirements to complete certification:
*  Completion of homework assignments, including your own creative version of a TCM journal
*  Completed documentations of 4 people, 3 times each to be handed in by Module 6
*  Practicum with instructor in Module 6
*  Completion of tests/quizzes given throughout the course

Students who complete this course will be eligible to sit for national ARCB exam.
Click here for a list of states where reflexology is exempt from massage laws.

Click on Module 1 Registration to register for Module 1.  Pay by check or money order.

NCBTMB continuing education credits available.

For more course information:

Contact Tacy at 828-775-4624, or send an email to

Tacy Apostolik, owner of Healing Scents, is a NCBTMB approved provider teaching aromatherapy and reflexology.   She is available to teach at your location. Call for details!

Tacy is a board certified reflexologist offering facial, foot, and hand reflexology at her private practice in the Asheville area of Weaverville, NC.

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