Congratulations Newest Graduates!

Graduates 6:14 Newest Graduates!

Meet my newest graduates from 2014!  Congratulations on your dedication and hard work in completing your 200 hour program.  You are now fully certified reflexologists!  I can’t wait to hear about your success stories in your new careers!

My 2018 Graduates! Congratulations!

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You all did it!  What an amazing class of enthusiastic learners!  Your TCM journals were amazing, and your willingness to learn and share with each other was inspirational!  I’m honored to call each and every one of you a FULLY CERTIFIED...

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Reflexology for Weight Loss

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That’s right!  Reflexology can actually assist you in losing weight!  It’s ability to tap into the parasympathetic nervous system is key to helping balance cortisol levels.  High, sustained levels of cortisol can actually prevent your body from burning fat.  Check out this link for more on this popular topic.

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Building Feet with Clay

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Students have tons of fun building out the bones of the feet with clay.  Just another example of some of the unique, enjoyable ways student learn in this hands-on...

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Fun with Class of 2015

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   Having a great time making a foot skeleton out of clay!  Relaxing and practicing reflexology techniques outside on a lovely deck overlooking the poplar...

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Building a Foot in Clay

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New Graduates! 10/13

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Certification Course Fun! 8/13

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As we dive into our 2nd and 3rd modules of the reflexology certification course, we’re having fun with some hands-on projects.  Here are some current students building a skeleton of the foot, with clay.  We also had fun drawing reflexes on the hands and feet.  These are just a few of the various methods used for learning in this course. ...

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New Reflexology Certificants!

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Here are my newest certified reflexologists!  Anne Britt Shaw, Patricia Hawkins, Tobie Buchanan, and Paula Powell.  I’m SO proud of you all!  Congratulations!  I can’t wait to see how you help so many people with your new skills ! “Tacy is a very fun, knowledgeable, and helpful teacher.  Her course was everything I was looking for in learning reflexology, and I graduated feeling very confident that I’m ready for my new path.  Thank you!”  Patricia Hawkins “Tacy’s ability and style of teaching...

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Reflexology and TCM

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Western medicine addresses the symptoms of a condition, while TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) looks at the underlying causative factors.  Lilian Tibshraeny-Morten, who wrote a very informative book titled “Reflexology and Meridian Therapy”, refers to these underlying causative factors as the Wand Reflex. For example, a client comes to you with tinnitus.  In traditional, western reflexology, the focus of the session would be to work on the ear reflexes, and possibly the brain and cervical spine reflexes.  However, a TCM view of...

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Roman or German Chamomile

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German Chamomile (Matricaria recuitita) is distilled in places from S Africa, Nepal, Egypt, Chile, Germany, Hungary, and Slovenia.  A great deal of research has gone into the selection and breeding of Chamomile plants with a high content of (-)alpha bisabolol, the main anti-inflammative component of this essential oil.  It’s very gentle quality makes it a soothing, healing addition to face and body oils.  It’s also very effective for healing burns and for use during acute stages of infection.  A drop added to chamomile tea can soothe...

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