About Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient healing art of uncertain origin. On our feet, hands, ears, and faces, we have reflexes that mirror the entire body.  Reflexology is not a foot massage.  It works through the nervous system, sending energy and blood flow throughout the body.  On an energetic level, communication between organs is continual. However, sometimes blocks happen on the pathways of this energy. These blockages can appear in the form of “crystals” which are deposited in the reflexes, interfering with blood circulation, causing congestion in the related area.  By stimulating these reflexes, using specific hand and finger movements particular to the field of reflexology, messages are sent to the brain through the nervous system. This, in turn, sends messages to those corresponding body parts, systems and organs to increase energy flow and circulation, thereby helping to:
Release tension
Clear blockages
Reduce inflammation
Alleviate stress
Stimulate the release of endorphins
Create body awareness

Reflexology helps to bring your whole body into a natural state of balance, assisting the body to heal on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

foot reflexology

Although the history of reflexology is of uncertain origin, there are traces of foot work dating back thousands of years.

A reflexology session is deeply relaxing.  The client does not need to undress.  Unlike massage, most reflexology practiced in the U.S. that is accredited by the American Reflexology Certification Board, (ARCB), does not typically use oils or lotions.  The majority of the session consists of a thumb walking technique used to stimulate the nervous system.  A session should never be painful.  Sometimes a “hurts good” reaction can happen, but most clients find themselves going into a deep alpha state during a session.  Afterward, like a good night’s sleep, one typically has the feeling of being very balanced and energized.

Reflexology cannot claim to cure any conditions.  However, it can greatly improve things such as:
digestive disorders
sleeping problems
stress and anxiety
hormone challenges
plantar faciitus

Reflexology is a wonderful preventative modality.  It’s an enjoyable, relaxing way to maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

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