Success Stories

“I am 77 year old man who has 25 year history of osteo arthritis, fifteen years of rheumatic pain, and more recently plantar fasciitis.  Upon recommendation by my massage therapist, I made an appointment with Tacy for a reflexology treatment.  The treatments have helped immensely.  I no longer have problems with plantar faciitus!  Moreover, I feel much healthier in both body and mind.
From my experience, Tacy is a certified reflexologist of exceptional skill.  I highly recommend her.”

Dave,  Asheville, NC

“Facial Reflexology with Tacy is one of the most beneficial therapies I have ever experienced. Due to stress I have suffered severe TMJ. Facial Reflexology has relieved the stress in my jaws and the pain in my right ear. Thanks Tacy.”
Sandra, Weaverville, NC

“Tacy has helped me with her reflexology in so many ways.  Through her treatments I feel much less stress, and an overall feeling of well being.  Since receiving her Facial Reflexology, my quality of sleep has greatly improved, and my facial skin is looking clearer and younger.  Over the 5 years I have been going to Tacy, she has helped me work through various physical as well as emotional challenges that have come up.  She lends a caring ear, and skillful hands.”
Cathy, Candler, NC

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