Reflexology Services

Reflexology is a complimentary therapy that can be effective in maintaining or achieving good health, or used in combination with other healing modalities.  Blockages and deposits can be detected on the face and feet, which can give the practitioner an idea of which organs may not be functioning up to par.  Many modern conditions are of unknown origin, and can often be traced to stress and anxiety.  Stimulating the system through the feet, hands, or face creates a calm, balancing effect that has a positive influence on the entire body.  Reflexology is a wonderful preventative method, as well as a way to assist in relieving a multitude of health challenges.  Foot and hand reflexology can also address pathologies such as plantar faciitus, neuroma, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Individual reflexology sessions, (including feet, face, and hands), are tailored to your specific needs.  High quality, therapeutic grade essential oils are used to create a relaxing environment and to assist in quickening the healing process.  Please call ahead for an appointment.


One full hour – $65
One hour and 15 minutes – $75
One hour and a half – $85