Aromatherapy Tips

Lavender Essential Oils

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You’re first experience with essential oils is most likely with lavender.  It’s considered the “universal oil” in that its chemical complexity lends itself to a variety of uses.  However, finding a genuine and authentic lavender oil can be a challenge.  The bulk of lavender oil is traditionally grown in France, although there are a scant number of farms here in the States that are growing and distilling quality lavender. According to Kurt Schnaubelt, an aromatherapy expert, French export data show that over 250 tons of so called “Fine Lavender” are exported annually.  However,...

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Eucalyptus Essential Oils

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Eucalyptus is an evergreen tree that can grow to over 300 feet, making it one of the world’s tallest trees.  Native to Australia and Tasmania, these trees grow in many areas around the world. There are over 700 varieties, and more than 500 that produce an essential oil.  The most common varieties distilled and sold as essential oils are eucalyptus globulus, eucalyptus radiata, eucalyptus citriodora, and eucalyptus dives. They can improve breathing by “opening the chest”, and decongesting.  The fresh, uplifting aroma can revive the spirit and increase energy. Distilled from the...

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Aromatherapy for skin

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Along with winter comes dry skin. One necessity for beautiful skin is hydration. Drinking plenty of water is essential. Good quality, pure organic coconut water is also very hydrating to the cells, and a great source of electrolytes. A refreshing way to hydrate “from the outside” is to spritz with an essential oil and water mixture. Get a dark glass (4oz) spray bottle, add about 10 drops of essential oils and fill it with distilled water. Close your eyes and give your face a couple of squirts before applying a natural, organic face cream. Some wonderful essential oils for this...

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